A native of England I have lived in the U.S. now for 13 years.  I originally come over to work as a Research Assistant to a professor at Dartmouth College but was offered a fellowship to move to Harvard University where I worked within the field of Immunology until I joined the PhD program at Cornell University.   While completing my PhD I started my business, Grasshopper Outdoor Products, as an outlet for some of my dozens of inventions.  With a lot of hard work I have managed to bring two inventions to the market and have licensed a third from a fellow inventor.  The first product, the monoMASTER is a “green” fishing tool that helps anglers manage all the waste fishing line they generate every day on the river.  It has received official endorsements including one from the Federation of Fly Fishers and one from Richard Friedenberg (“A River Runs Through It”).  In 2009 the monoMATER was featured in the “Best of the Best” issue of Field & Stream.  The seatMASTER and Fishn’Clips have just recently been launched.  While many of my inventions are associated with the outdoor leisure industry I have many, many more products that I’m waiting to fund that solve real issues in other industries.


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